Art #30: Kill me, heal me (drama)


Found this piece in the “My drawing” folder.

For those who haven’t watched this drama, I highly highly highly recommend it! “Kill me, heal me” is a must-watch drama since the plot is quite interesting: the whole movie is about Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung), a rich guy with 7 different personalities (!). Ji Sung and Jeong Eum played their characters perfectly.  He got a Daesang for that  (─‿‿─)

– Jolie –

OMG I love this couple. Their chemistry is amazing, they suit each other very well ♥‿♥

Did I forget to mention about Park Seo Joon? He’s also a great actor, though his acting still need to be improved a lot. Ji Sung and Jeong Eum are better than him, of course. Seo Joon also plays a character named Sung Joon in “She was pretty”, together with Hwang Jeong Eum. But I still love JiSung-JeongEum more :))




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