Food #1: Egg tart


My little cute egg tarts ( ◞・౪・) First attempt, and it turned out to be, well, not so bad.

I made these little egg tarts long time ago and posted the photo on Instagram, but sadly I forgot that I had a WordPress account. And now I come back here and realize that my wordpress home is covered with such a thick layer of dust (。•́︿•̀。)

Anyway, I decided to create a category called Homemade food since I’ve been interested in cooking and baking recently. This is egg tart, and I have to say that it was such a stupid decision of mine to choose it as the first cake to begin my baking journey. This dessert dish was so so so hard with all those layers and butter and flour ಗಾ ﹏ ಗಾ. The weather was very hot when I made it so the butter kept melting and my hands were not fast enough to cover it with the flour

But it was not a nightmare though. At least my family ate them and they didn’t have any problems with their stomach lol.