Art #31: Kubo and The two strings

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If you are a fan of stop motion movies then Kubo and The two strings is a must-watch movie for you.

It has such a perfect combination: a touching plot, stunning scenes, great music and lots of life philosophies hidden from the beginning til the end of the movie (though you can ignore them and still enjoy the movie)

I know about Laika Studio since the stop motion movie Coraline – a great movie for everyone, especially for kids who hate their parents. So when I decided to buy a ticket to watch Kubo, I was sure that it will not let me down. (^▽^)

Kubo is really really really amazing and it’s worth your money (*^▽^)/

– Jolie –


Art #30: Kill me, heal me (drama)


Found this piece in the “My drawing” folder.

For those who haven’t watched this drama, I highly highly highly recommend it! “Kill me, heal me” is a must-watch drama since the plot is quite interesting: the whole movie is about Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung), a rich guy with 7 different personalities (!). Ji Sung and Jeong Eum played their characters perfectly.  He got a Daesang for that  (─‿‿─)

– Jolie –


Art #29: Fantastic three ^^


Via Instagram 😉

Tự nhiên hôm nay lại có hứng vẽ bộ ba Béo Ú – Lờ Khờ – Lạnh Lùng.

Nếu có ai hỏi J thích xem thể loại phim gì nhất thì J nhất định trả lời ngay là Hoạt hình. Kì lạ là nhiều người nghe xong hay bảo mấy tuổi rồi còn xem hoạt hình. Không biết từ bao giờ thể loại này còn quy định độ tuổi nữa nhỉ!

Người lớn à, suy nghĩ “lớn” lên nào ~~~

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